The Section 8 Program


The Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly known as Section 8 is subsidized by the Federal government and provides federal assistance to families/ individuals in the private rental market. In our program, the subsidy is tied to the tenant so that eligible families receive assistance based on their income for housing units that meet general program requirements.

The following questions/ answers will briefly describe how we administrate the program:

Q: How do I contact the Beaufort Housing Authority Section 8 Department?
A: You may call our office at (843) 525-7059. You may also make an appointment to visit us at 1009 Prince Street, Beaufort, South Carolina.

Q. What is the application procedure?
A. Pre applications are taken and placement on the list is determined by lottery after a preliminary determination of eligibility. A second phase of eligibility takes place when the family nears the top of the preliminary list. Income and preferences are verified to determine the family’s eligibility for admission to the program.

Q: Do you have priorities?
A: We recognize the local preferences of displaced, working or elderly and residents of Beaufort County. The lottery determines the placement within these preference categories.

Q: What happens after selection?
A: You will be scheduled for a group orientation to explain the program and issue you a voucher.

Q: What is a “Request for Tenancy Approval”?
A: From the date of the orientation you will have 60 days to locate a qualifying home, apartment, or mobile home in Beaufort County. Once you select a unit a “Request for Tenancy Approval” form will need to be signed by the landlord and yourself and returned to the Section 8 office. This will initiate an inspection.

Q: Inspection?
A: A time frame of up to 15 days is allowed to complete an inspection to determine if the Housing Quality Standards are met. After a “pass” has been given, calculation of rental assistance will occur and notice will be sent to the tenant and landlord.

Q: Lease and Contract?
A: After the unit passes the inspection and the rent has been approved, the landlord and tenant enter into a lease. The Housing Authority and the landlord enter into a Housing Assistance Payments which authorizes Rental Assistance on behalf of the Tenant.

Q: Who pays the rent?
A: The tenant family pays a minimum of 30% of their monthly income towards rent, but not more than 40%. The Housing Authority pays the difference between the tenant rent and the contracted rent amount directly to the landlord.

Q: Can a landlord collect a security deposit?
A: Yes, within State Guidelines, up to one months rent.